E&H Stat 162: Intro to Stats

Hello!  Looking forward to having you in class!

For Emory & Henry student taking STAT 162: Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences, there will be three books required.  Unfortunately, stats books are pricey.

Kellstedt, Paul and Guy Whitten (2013).  The Fundamentals of Political Science Research.  New York, NY: Cambridge University Press.

  • This book is fairly pricey new ($60), but reasonably priced to rent for the semester via Amazon (about $22) or similar avenue.

Best, Joel (2008).  Stat-Spotting: A Field Guide to Identifying Dubious Data.  Berkeley: University of California Press.  

  • New, online, this is about $25.  Cheaper used versions are available.

Pollock, Philip H.  (2012).  An SPSS Companion to Political Analysis.  Washington, DC: CQ Press.  

  • We will be using the data CD that comes with this text.  So, unfortunately, you’ll need this version.
  • It is $46 new on Amazon.
  • Disclaimer: I’m not sure if used versions come with the CD and an access code with the CD.

E&H POLS 105 Introduction to International Relations required books for Fall 2015

Fall 2015 Book list for E&H students 

For POLS 105 Introduction to International Relations, there are two required textbooks.  I’ve included the details below.

I’m looking forward to this course!  A draft (key word draft) syllabus is available here POLS_105_Intro_International_Relations.

Goldstein, Joshua S. and Jon C. Pevehouse. 2013-2014. International Relations Update, 10th Edition. New York: Pearson.

-To save yourself some money, you can rent this text for the semester via Amazon or other retailer. This text is about $130 new, but renting it for a semester is about $30.

-I will create tests questions from the 10th Edition, update. I will not be responsible for discrepancies in versions, but previous versions of this text are very similar. These previous editions of the textbook are available for purchase at low prices.

Feldman, Noah. 2013. Cool War: The Future of Global Competition. New York: Random House.

-This text will come out with a new edition on September 1. Either edition will be fine. This text can be purchased used for a very reasonable price on Amazon (used for under $10 including shipping).

-We will begin using this text on September 17.

Duke TIP India 2015

Currently working as an instructor for the “International Ingenuity: Political Simulations and Problem Solving” course for Duke TIP India 2015.  Absolutely love teaching this class and getting to work with some incredible people.

More info on the program (along with some of my students’ work) can be found here.