My research addresses decision-making and foreign policy, especially with regard to conflict management.  In addition, I have several articles on political science pedagogy.

More information on my current research projects is available here.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

2018.  “Scaffolding Assignments and Activities for Undergraduate Research Methods.”  Journal of Political Science Education.  (with Florian Justwan)

2017.  “International Adjudication and Public Opinion in Territorial Disputes: Evidence from a Survey Experiment using Amazon Mechanical Turk.”  Peace Economics, Peace Science, and Public Policy.  (with Florian Justwan)

2017.  “Generalized Social Trust and International Dispute Settlement.”  International Interactions.  (with Florian Justwan)

2017.  “Classroom Convention: Teaching Constitutional Design Through Simulation.”  Social Studies Research and Practice.  (with Florian Justwan)

  • More information on materials used available here.

2015.  “Federalism’s Fractured Decision Making and the Kyoto Protocol.” Politics & Policy. Vol. 43, 1.

2015.  “A Field Guide to Teaching Agency and Ethics: The West Wing and American Foreign Policy.” Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy. Vo. 2, 1. (with Kayce Mobley)

2014.  “Ditching the Desks: Kinesthetic Learning in College Classrooms.” The Social Studies. Vol. 105, 6: 301-309. (with Kayce Mobley)

2014.  “Grappling with Transnational Issues: Global Security Policy through Agency and Ethics.” Syllabus. Vol. 3, 1.

Non-Peer Reviewed  

2016, January 15.  “LeBron James, Realist: A Paper Assignment for Intro to International Relations.”  On Active Learning in Political Science.  Available here.

2015, August 28.  “Mathematical Fairness in a Constitutional Convention.”  On Active Learning in Political Science.  (with Rachel Bayless)  Available here.

2015.  February 28.  “Let’s Move!  Political Science Edition.” On Active Learning in Political Science.  Available here.